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Rijkmuseum Challenge 2017

Welcome to Niel Ryan's entry to the 2017 Rijk's Museum Challenge 2017. The competition was to produce an artistic interpretation using the gallery's vast art collection. I produced the app: 3D Color Mashup, the details are below.

View the Dutch introductory youtube video here:

A link to the Rijksmuseum 3D Color Mashup.

Change the direction you are facing in order to change the image colors. Works though 120 degrees with a 60 degree window to view the original unaltered art work.



Saving - To save a snapshot of the work you create just use the normal save combination on your device:'Home and Power','Print Screen' etc.
Install As An App - Color Mashup uses open source HTML5, just ‘add to homescreen’ to install. (internet is required to search for art work)


Color Mashup - An Artistic Philosophy

Traditionally art is presented to the viewer as a finished product. In this piece (the App) I wanted to challenge the notion that viewing happens from a fixed direction. I also wanted to make the viewer a part of the process of creation. In what I have created, the viewing, the movement and the creation become one natural process. It is a new vision of what traditionally static art can be.
The role of Artist and Viewer are swapped. Empowered through the app the viewer takes on the responsibility for coloring the image. What results is a vibrancy, resonance and balance that is uniquely beautiful and a totally customised piece of art produced by the viewer themselves.
What is amazing is that through the power of technology you can ask the question. What would this look like if it were Red, Bright Blue, Green or any of the shades inbetween.
Images viewed through the prism of Color Mashup take on a hyper-realia, leaving one with a sense of the altered image becoming more beautiful than the original.


The work was inspired by: Stilleven met bloemen in een glazen vaas, Jan Davidsz. de Heem, 1650 - 1683

Explore this using Color Exporer

Usage Example 1:


Usage Example 2:

To the left the original and to the right a capture taking moving with 3D Color Mashup

Try it out

Here are some great images to try this out on:
Winter Landscape

How Does It Work?

The beauty is that the experience is so intuitive you don't need to know anything. However, if you really want to know the app utilises cutting edge positional panoramic color shift arithmetic to dynamically change color shades in real time.
Niel Ryan has made the code open source so you are free to use this to make your own mashups and variants. Enjoy.


3D Color Mashup doesn't just work well with paintings, it works brilliantly with anything that has color. Try vases and jewelry...

BK-1970-42-D and BK-1968-51


Download Challenge Entry PDF.

Tweet Your Favorite 3D Color Mashup - Just take a screen shot and attach to a tweet