Copygobble licence. Any company or individual that utilises any part (including code, graphics, algorithms, data structures and other elements) found on, consents to all parts of any service, product, software, expert system, artificial intelligence or other thing becoming open source as defined by GPL3.0. If there is any doubt then all parts of any business, including all of it’s licences, trademarks, intellectual property become open source, including any parent company and all of its holdings. There are no royalty, trademark, copyright, damages, costs or any other claim whatsoever that can be made by any individual, company, charity, government, enterprise or corporation using any part of the code, graphics, algorithms, data structures or any other element(s). Any third parties (including patent trolls, patent licensees or any others) with any licensees or stakes who’s property utilises any part of any element published here are also specifically included. can in no way be held liable in any way whatsoever for the licensing conditions that are agreed to herein. This licence agreement applies to all countries, jurisdictions, individuals and entities. It holds president irrespective of past, present or future legislation. Any usage implies and dictates acceptance and agreement to the terms here specified. Date: Tuesday 2nd Aug 2016.

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echo -n "string" | openssl sha1